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Drawn To The Light

Composition is in the eye which guides the artist to sense balance and harmony in the world; Balance in texture, in form, in feeling and in sound.

Composition is the guiding principle underlying all creative forms, is the principle which allows us to receive and see beauty in its most holistic sense.

Composition is the principle which we use to teach others and to guide others to touch the things we have felt as important


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Self Employed Fotografin since 2019

Personal Assistant to Fotograf and Geograf Fredi Bieri 2015 -19

Personal Assistant to Fotograf Ben Zurbriggen 2018  - 19

- Sampling

- Post production Lightroom and Capture One Pro

- Consultation on Photographic Design

- Insight assistance for Commercial Photographers

Basic Rate Post Production and Assisting - 50chf/Hour

Photo Shooting Rates - Personalised Package Deals on Request



... NEW ...

HardbackPhotography Book

"Drawn To The Light"

Monique Cornwell Photography

50.99 Euros hardback cover (excl. MwSt and shipping) - TO PLACE ORDER click here

 44 Euros softcover (excl. MwSt and shipping) - TO PLACE ORDER click here



Festivals 2019



Landscape and Art Photography

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