The 6 Songs

It comes through you, but it is not you, and though it is with you, it belongs not to you
- Kahlil Gibran
The Raven - A Project built on the principles of resonance
The Raven. Compilation - The 6 Songs Project
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R . E . S . O . N . A . N . C . E

A Workshop Series

Artistic Training/Methodology - Giving Voice

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In Art Practice This Teaching is:

for those interested in performance/improvisation techniques

  • Learning of vocal technique, getting to know what tone is and how it resonates

  • Practice for good tone, steady, and uncoloured by imaginations

  • Learning and practicing the meditative and present state of listening

  • Learning the role of silence in composition and improvisation

  • Learning a structure for improvisation, and the roles which voices play when we sing multi voiced music

  • sharing of songs and traditions from all round the world, each participant brings one song from their background, folk or spiritual, originating from a tradition close to their heart

  • It is a method of practicing theatre - meaning awareness of body, awareness of space, light and time

  • Works from principle that music is also an art architecture. and that a piece of theatre, physical or dance or visual - is composed as one would a piece of music

  • Learning the art of presence - the body in space- unveiled, uncoloured by forms 

Voice as a way to Expanding Awareness:

Lessons and courses for those interested in the holistic aspects of voice



  • ​There is technique of breath work, there is technique of singing, though if based on anatomy and correct functioning alone we restrict our potential development.

  • Breath work will soon approach the emotional aspects of the person, singing, brings you swiftly to a similar point; though if done simply for the sake of singing songs to fit a given perception of "beauty"  it will only cause frustration.

  • Another reason for sounding, is building a relationship with self, binding with other human beings and being able to bond with the space in which your body is in

  • The practice becomes one of awareness after basic technique is understood, thus a way to open the senses

  • In these workshops we will focus on these aspects


Current monthly classes/group sessions:

Where: PROGR, TURNHALLE BERN, Atleier 114

Upcoming dates 2018: Focus - English Folk Song and Group Improvisation

The last and cumulative improvisation session from this season will take place on:

Sunday Sept 16. @ 1900

contact Monique for more details 


The 6 Songs is a research and performance development project which originated in Amsterdam under the leadership of Monique Cornwell and took inspiration from traditional polyphonic song and the personal and social psychological benefits of group singing.  The projects purpose - to develop a training and performance method of learning to embody voice, to be fully present with our voice in space and to become aware of our voice as one within a group, leading to more detailed practices of learning how to create improvisation structures based on listening;

thus enabling a form of group improvised composition, within space and time. When we include the elements of body as architecture and movement/dance as a sound quality, we have a technique which gives potential for spontaneous improvised group music theatre.

The name took inspiration from the book "The World in 6 Songs" by Daniel J. Levitin, and the project had 2 main phases:

Phase 1: 1 year development period, intense research into sounding, improvisation based on meditative listening and composition elements, and using emotionality and themes.  There was a strong emphasis on the social aspects which revealed themselves through the sessions

Phase 2: 1 year performance residency at Maarten Luther Kerk Amsterdam.

Under the direction of Monique Cornwell weekly session took place for training with a group of professional interdisciplinary performers.  4 intensive session took place during the year leading to 4 performances.

Session 3 had residency on ile D'aix, France and worked in tandem with the village community.

Session 4 - The Raven, took place at MLK Amsterdam and received funding from Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst.

Artistic Director : Monique Cornwell

List of Co-developers/Performers

Phase 1

Leon Beckx NL

Kristien Sonnevijlle NL

Ulrike Siems DE

Phase 2:

Session 1:

Sylvain Merit FR

Marije Nie NL

Sarah Kate Gardiner UK

Leon Beckx NL

Mojra - Vogelnik - Skerlj SL

Session 2:

Sylvain Merit FR

Marije Nie NL

Sarah Kate Gardiner UK

Mojra - Vogelnik - Skerlj SL


Produced With the unwavering support of :

Andreas Wohle and the MLK

Many Thanks

Session 3 - ile D'aix:

Sylvain Meret FR

Marije Nie NL

Manuela Tessi IT

Eva Stolz DE

Stephanie Lehmann DE

Session 4: The Raven

Charles Darius US

Marije Nie NL

Sarah Kate Gardiner UK

Mojra - Vogelnik - Skerlj  SL

Manuela Tessi IT