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4 - 10th September 2021

Join us for a week immersed in the practice of Shinrin Yoku

with daily Yoga and Meditation.

Vegan food, comfortable lodgings and surrounded

by the beautiful Forests and mountains of Saanen BE.

Places still left for week 8.

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Links Week 8:

4 - 10th September 2021




Digital Yoga classes 


Available: 4 x 50min Hatha Flow Intermediate German Audio

3 x 50 min Hatha Flow Intermediate English Audio

3 x Gentle Yoga Beginner German Audio

2 x Hatha Flow + 2 x Gentle Yoga German Audio

DVD = 30 CHF


Please Contact Monique

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Meditations on Sound and Voice - A Workshop

How Sound Leads to an Experience of Silence..........

When the Voice is allowed to open Spaces in the Body while strengthening the nervous system for a deeper physical practice.

When the Voice is allowed to open Space in the Mind to expose new pathways for Mediation or Mindfulness Practice

@ Open Yoga Bern

More Infos Contact Monique

Festivals, Schools, Residencies or Retreats.

Yoga as a daily practice of building awareness in and developing Physical and mental wellbeing. 


In schools the practice of yoga is especially valuable for teaching young people not only the daily practice of yoga but combining it with a more holistic learning approach to social and psychological issues.

Through Yoga we encourage an early interest in the art of self discovery and self healing - in openly sharing deeper questions and perspectives on life within our social and educational groups.






2018 and 2019 (2020 cancelled)

@ Hanufahne

@ Heitere Fahne, Wabern, Bern