............The Art of Singing Rests upon the Deeper Understanding of the Art of Listening............

The Singing Body is essentially a spiritual body

it understands directions of the physical body, to open space within the resonating body,

it understands to hold tone close to our centre

it focuses in tune with the personal intention behind the tone....and so.....we create music.

The human spirit sings.

The Singing Body is the Human Spirit celebrating itself and creation

- monique

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​2017, Zedashe Ensemble, (Georgian Polyphony), Signaghi Georgia

2016, Jean Favreuu (FR) – Media Res Polyphonic Voice, Vocal Theatre

2015, Neeti Kumar (Indian Classical) Rishikesh IND

2012, Svetla Stanilova  (Bulgarian) Plovdiv BUL

2011-12, Sergej Kovalevch, Methodik Klim,  RUS

2011-12, Natalka Polyvynka (UKR) – Methodik Growtowski & Klim

2010, Mario Biagini The Workcentre of Jerzy Grotwoski, Sevilla SPAIN

2010, Haim Isaacs (Roy Hart, PARIS) Amsterdam

2010, Linda Wise (Pan Theatre, Paris/ Roy Hart, Malerargues France)

2010-11, DJAM Academie of Jazz and Light music, Jazz Vocal Studies, Amsterdam NL

2011, Annamieke Kruijswijk, DJAM – Jazz , NL

2010-11, Sabine Wuethrich (Cl;assical) NL/CH

2009-10, Martin Brans, (logopedie, Voice Technique) Amsterdam, NL

2007, Goldsmiths University London, Vocal Jazz Improv. 1 Year, UK

2003, 3- Month Intensive, Vocal Tech, (Pop/Soul./Blues) - London UK

2003-6 Mark Wilde, (Music and Classical theatre), UK


2016, Doc Rossi, Acoustic. FR  


2015-16, Tim O’Conner, Acoustic. FR/IR


2015, Sebastien Hueber, Piano Voice, Electro Project. CH


2011, Annikki Scheu, Classical, Embodied Voice Improvisation. NL


2011-12, Mickey Smid, Experimental, Studio Recordings. NL


2009-2010 Gonzo Gonzales, Hamburg. Jazz Fusion. NL/DE



2017-18 Resonance Project; A meeting of singers and improvisers. Bern CH

2011-12 Actress, Song of Songs International Theatrical Art Resource:

Dir. Sergej Kovalevich (RUS), Pedagogues; Natalka Polovynka (UKR), Jean Favreau (FR), UKR/LAT/RUS


2011-12 Sopran, Cubrica Bulgarian Ensemble, Amsterdam NL



2011-12 Director, Performer, The 6 Songs – International Voice Theatre Laboratory , NL/FR


2012 International Symphony of Peace Prayers MLK


2012 Singer, International (HE)Irmos Project – Dir. NAtalka Polyvynka, Lviv, UKR


2011 Voice Production, Mirror - Boukje Schweigman, Premier Uk May 2012


2011, Hoyt Og Lavt, Improvised Music Festival Oslo, NOR

2011, Sopran, Hohe Mass B-Moll, Bach. Ralph Sordo Choir, Amsterdam NL

2009- 10, Revival /Gonzo Gonzales– Electronic Soul/Jazz, NL/POL/DE 

Analog Sea - The Offline Ball

Villa Tobler Zurich 22. June from 20:30

All becomes clear in our relations to ourselves through our relation to our voice and its presence in the world. 

In giving tone we connect to space and become intimately in resonance with that which is around us.

In the singing body - the energies flow freely, not chaotic and unchecked but channeled.

The human is in deep relation with the inner and outer worlds