We cannot imagine that which we do not know
Choosing for
......a path of creative evolution, for the benefit of self and of others.....
 Building enduring Trust in something beyond thoughts.



Finding Softness where before there seemed none

In todays society it is no longer self evident that we listen to our body. In my yoga lessons the focus rests on nurturing the body – mind connection. Reconnecting our sensory experience with our thought perceptions.

I give deep respect to self-reflection and self-discovery, patience, discipline and finding a personal joy in the practice.  Deepening awareness and thus become aware of our patterns; physical, mental and emotional. In my lessons we approach the physical practice after a quietening of the mind through breath awareness practices.  I teach understanding the anatomy of breath and of how Asana helps us to open the breath body

I teach becoming aware of the finer bodily sensation with specific physical cues; returning to the principle of Hatha Yoga of staying longer in the asana to find lightness and subtle strength in the form, from which we can approach the subtle breath and life force within the asana itself.


Work with breath and its power to transform are approached with the use of the imagination and the same approach as we go towards asana - to notice the holding patterns, the control and fears attached to our breath, and through awareness to open the breath possibilities and its flexible responsive action.  Building a relationship with our breath first before trying to control or distort it through stronger practices. More important and more useful is the real connection to the experience of our breath, getting to know its rhythm and qualities and listening to the information its continuous flux is giving us.  Breath and the experience of soul being inseparably bound.


The physical practice embodies a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. With focus on becoming independent and taking responsibility for ourselves.

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Formally Trained at the Himalayan Yoga Academy Rishikesh, India under the teachings of Kiranj Moraryie and Ashish Sharma, A school of Hatha Yoga.  Influences come from a range of forms - ashtanga, vinyasa, yin and an intensive period of kundalini yoga in Rotterdam, NL, at Cherdi Kala. Key teachers since, for whose passion and knowledge I am hugely thankful, are -  Michael Stone, Richard Freeman, Mark Stephens, Leslie Kaminoff, Helga Baumgartner and currently Stephen Thomas. 

Experiences over many years in contemporary dance, Alexander techqniue, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Psychocalisthenics, Kinetic Awareness and Sounding - aswell as a long engagement with western psychology and philosophies of world religions - have deeply influenced my practice and teaching. Central to my studies at Cambridge were modules in Buddhist and Hindu Philosophies and I maintain a strong belief in breaking down boundaries of misunderstanding through learning, to nurture more open minds.

Monique is Teaching intensively since winter 2015, and has regular classes at Open Yoga Bern, CH and  River Yoga Thun, CH -  besides which has a flexible teaching programme throughout Berner Oberland - contact Monique for more details or click here for details

Y o g a   I n s t r u c t o r   2 4 0 Hrs + 1 6 0  Hrs   A d v a n c e d   T r a i n i n g

2015 Certified Yoga Teacher Advanced Level 1 - 240 hours. Himalaya Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India: Awarded Highest Distinction

Weiterbildung der Yoga Verband CH, Der sicherste Weg, Krankheiten nach Yogischer Methode zu heilen, Yogacharya Sushil Bhattacharya, Sapta Yoga International - Bern Nov 2020


Advanced Training: Leslie Kaminoff  15 Hours - Basel CH Nov 2019

Advanced Training: Yin Yoga Module 1 TT 50 Hours Helga Baumgartner - Bern Sept/Dec2018

Yoga Instructor: Open Yoga Bern - Hatha Flow, All Levels (since May 2016)

Yoga: Instructor: River Yoga Thun, since Oktober 2017

Yoga Instructor Private Course:  SRK Oberzollikofen, since 2018

Yoga Instructor: AnitaFit Studios, Interlaken begin Oktober 2017 -2018

Advanced Training: Stephen Thomas, Pranayama & Asana Intensive (20 Hours) Zurich. Jan 2018


Open Mantra Singing Sessions, Monthly @ Open Yoga Bern since August 2017

Wkshp Leader: Juvesco Bern Sozial Jahr (ages 15-17): March 2017


Yoga Instructor: Selfness Centre, Eiger Hotel Grindelwald, 2016 - 2017


Yoga Instructor: Hatha Flow Wengen - January 2016 - March 2017


Advanced Training: Mark Stephens, Der Spiegel ATT (Hatha Yoga Intensive 45 hours) DEC 2016, Munich


Wkshp Leader: Dance/Yoga - Bern Moves Festival, Gurten, CH Oct 2016


Advanced Training: Richard Freeman Yoga Sutras - OCT 2016, Zurich


Yoga/Pilates Instructor: Yoga-Centre Interlaken, Mona Flow Studio Matten


Advanced Training: Michael Stone - Embodying Insight; Yoga Breath and Meditation 30hours - London, UK, April 2016 

Suitable for Festivals or in Schools, Residencies or Retreats. In schools the practice of yoga becomes valuable especially in teaching young people not only the daily practice of yoga but combining it with a more holistic learning approach to social and psychological issues. Encouraging an early interest in the art of self discovery and self healing - in openly sharing deeper questions and perspectives on life within our social and educational groups.

C o r p o r a t e   Y o g a   E v e n t s


Just as with another human being, just as with our Self, just as with anything that is most precious in life - take time, build  relationship with Breath. Get to know, respect, trust Breath. Then learn to take some distance. Too much observation will lead to control - too little leads to disconnection. As with all things which matter, spend time, and find the balance.

The method is not the answer, it is the vehicle you choose to carry you across the waters to the abyss of unknowing where only the leap of faith, courage and devotion, can take you to trust in life itself. Love - the drive and force
- Monique