Born in 1984, Bern CH, a Pisces; Schooled in south east England.  A mind gifted  in the  understanding of science and mathematics, coinciding with a talent and love for the stage, song, music and drama. During studies at Cambridge University the doors opened and thus began a defined journey into the understanding of Body and Mind...... 

More years of exploration, from London, to Amsterdam and in 2012 settling back in the Mountains of the Berner Oberland, CH. Returning. Intensive dance, theatre and music - trainings and projects described my life untill then, Desiring to understand the mysteries of the world and a way to take full control of my own happiness.  

Amsterdam - a time of great inspiration. Rich with intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange, worldwide.  The Realisation of early dreams came as i found myself directing a new voice theatre group in Holland, under my own vision; and a member of Sergey Kovalewich's Song of Songs Project in Russia. A master who taught me humility and strength.

In 2012, a clear sign provoked a dramatic shift and I left Holland for the mountains of Switzerland. Embraced the challenge to develop physically and mentally in this landscape of rock, water and weather.......Nature,  the most powerful teacher.

in 2014 came the decision to follow the path of Teaching which took me to Intensive training in Rishikesh, India, 

Currently I teach yoga full time in Switzerland, complimented by a commitment to learning a modern psychological and body based approach to dealing with trauma and destructive patterns of behaviour.  Combining wisdoms of all ages with the wisdom within to find fulfilment and personal happiness.

Alongside, working on art projects in music and visual arts. Exchange, teaching, travelling, inspiring - these are passions.

Art - as I define it means - creative discovery.  

The intention - learning to live gracefully, with vitality and deep trust in the nature of belonging, in this world.


Monique Cornwell

Thun, CH


(0041) 79 193 61 57